Innovation – there’s more than one type

There’s 4 types of innovation, and they all begin with P! 

  1. Product innovation
  2. Process innovation
  3. Position innovation
  4. Paradigm innovation

So I’ve been asked to think of an example of a paradigm innovation. This is a little tricky believe it or not, because most innovations are usually a product, process or a position innovation. 

A paradigm innovation in simple terms is something completely new, the example I was given was the invention of car. A lot of people argue that this is a process or a product innovation from horses and carriages but for now lets listen to the lecturer. 

I may not be right, but I think Glasses (Eyewear) was a paradigm innovation. This is because I don’t recall any product or process improving our eyesight as such. 

And now Google Glass which I believe is product innovation because glasses already existed and so several other features which makes the Glass, the Glass. But others are claiming it to be a paradigm innovation (in technology) as this is completely unique to the world and only something we have seen in movies. 



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