“When you find yourself doing a workaround that’s innovation”

So what is a workaround?

A workaround implies that there should be a quicker, more efficient or otherwise a better way to accomplish things. – The Urban Dictionary

We do so many things on a day-to-day basis which could be a workaround but we just aren’t able to identify them because they’ve become routine and a means of doing something or the other.

I’ve manage to think of one  of my workarounds! Yay!

So I have a habit of collecting business cards from all sorts of places and businesses (Don’t judge me) to use as inspiration when designing stationary. I used to first store them in a pouch then I moved on to folders, but folders became expensive and took a lot of space up.

So my workaround was to whole punch the business cards and put them all into key rings. This eventually made categorising them a lot easier, and also made it quicker to flick through them.

Sadly, I didn’t come up with this idea (or innovation) but found it on Pinterest.


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