“Don’t forget to bring your toothbrush to class”

Not often you get told to bring your toothbrush to the lecture!

We had no idea why we needed to bring it in! Like what are you really going to do with a toothbrush in class?

But it was simple, observe a peer brush their teeth to identify problems.  After observing my partner and I agreed that placing a toothbrush on the sink of a public toilet was something we didn’t like but it happened out of habit.

We got given a pen lid and a rubber (elastic) band to solve the problem. We laughed about the task, like what are we going to do with a pen lid?

But then realised a simple solution shown below.



The solution was that toothbrushes can have sleek attachment that can drop down to prevent the head of the toothbrush touching the surface (in this case the sink/basin in the public toilet).

That was pretty much it.

After observing, you realise problems, and most of times it’s easy to come up with a solution and make a prototype with “bits and bobs”.


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