Eat. Sleep. Invent.

Eat – Easy :)

Sleep – Easy :)

Invent – Hard :(

Sadly, inventing something isn’t easy! We’re at a stage where so many things have been invented and it’s just easier to improve them.

I came across several scenarios where an invention of some sort would be of use, truth is the the product needed does exist and is just one of those luxury products that you don’t really need but would buy if you had the money.

So I did some research, a lot of these inventions are items that a lot of people can’t afford or won’t buy. Fortunately, a HUGE amount of “Life Hacks” can be found online.

Whilst looking through these, I kept thinking maybe I can improve these and make a better product, but it was not easy!

Fortunately, I have come up with something! :D

It’s an app! We lend items to friends and family so often, sometimes we forget to get what we gave, when we gave it, to who we gave it and did they actually give it back?

This life hack inspired me:


So basically, the app lets you take a photo for evidence, add a time stamp, allows you to set a reminder to ask for the product back and even lets tick off returned items.

lets take in one step further – the app can then send an email notification to the borrower with details of the above in a simple contract form.



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