We decided to do some more research to find out whether people understood the product and the marketing campaign we created. Furthermore, we wanted to know peoples reaction to the product and their desired usage.

I knew this would take a bit more effort and time then the last time we did research and we’d have to do things a little differently to really check if people are just saying what we want to hear or if they really mean it.

3 methods were used:

Entry being made in the drop box

Entry being made in the drop box

We ran a drop box competition at Knights park. Entrants were asked to circle yes or no on a Hold-all post card to evaluate whether they would be interested and use the proposed product. Out of 100 postcards given to students, 68 postcards were posted in the box out of which 54 showed interest.

Poster above Urinal

Poster above Urinal

Posters were placed in the toilets at Knights Park campus. People exiting the toilets were asked whether they knew about Hold-All, the product and what the service offered. Out of 50 students asked, 38 students were aware of the brand name Hold-All, whilst 31 students knew of the locker concept. Of these 29 students were interested in the possibility of a locker system.

Team member discussing Hold-All with a student after exiting the toilet

Team member discussing Hold-All with a student after exiting the toilet.

Participants wanted to know more about the availability of the lockers and how much it would cost to use. We realised even if the product is amazing and meets the needs of the tribe if the price is not appealing the product/service won’t really survive. So we decided that establishing pricing schemes had to be next on the list.

Bitley results

Bitly results

By using a bitlylink to direct students to the website we were able to track how many students visited the website during the day it was active on Study Space. 57 students visited the site using the bitly link.

Starting to get the hang of all this research!

After conducting the research at Knights Park and discussing our business idea with Corrine, we discovered that the scope of our tribe is limited in relation to our product as that there was a clear option for extending our tribe.

The problems our tribe experienced were also common amongst other artists, both inside and outside of education. Artists studios commonly have a severe lack of safe and accessible storage, which is a common problem when a large majority of studios are shared by a mixture of artists. In light of this information, we have decided to extend our tribe to serve all artists who need access to different sized storage systems. Our tribe will focus on artists based at art courses at universities, art colleges, private art schools and art studios.

This means we’ve gone from Kingston University art students to potentially artist all over the world, but for now we’ll start with London.

The main thing I’ve learnt here is that you may think your product works for X but in reality there’s also X1, X2 and so on.

Don’t limit your offering to a small tribe whatever you do.


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