Drum roll please

After a lot of brainstorming and research we came up with…Hold-All.



Hold-All is an innovative secure storing solution for Art students. The need for secure storage for art students was identified when we visited the Art School at Kingston University.

Holdall is a ventilated multi-sized locker unit that houses 20 ergonomically designed lockers. The key-less system allows anyone with a bank card to use the facility and provides a secure means of storage for valuable items. The lockers vary in size in order to accommodate artists materials or large pieces of art work.  Hold-All will be available to purchase or to be installed for free in institutions where a rental scheme would be introduced.

We had come up with the product, yay!

Getting to this stage wasn’t as easy as it seems, especially when working with others. Luckily, the team has been working well together, helping each other out in different ways from flexible meeting times to hearing each others opinions about the product and so on.  We had a lot different ideas on our branding that you’ll get to see later on and even a lot of different ideas for the features of the lockers. One example was the idea of having solar panels on the lockers to power electronic items stored in the locker and the POS. Although, it sounds nice and fancy and the idea of solar panels makes people happy, it just wouldn’t work indoors and would also bump up the manufacturing costs.

As a team we  agreed on what features should be kept, what our message is, what our pricing strategy is and so on. The important thing was to do it together.



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