The Foundation

Last semester, we came up with a product or a service and then adapted it to a chosen target market. This semester it’s the other way around! We’re choosing our tribe traditionally known as target markets, understanding their needs and problems and then creating a feasible solution as to how we can improve their life by offering an product or service to them which can generate an income for us. Sound simple right?

So Corrine helped us to understand the three kinds of needs of any tribe:


We had to think of a type of person we wanted to help and then identify places where these people are at so we could observe them, talk to them and use them to help us build our product/service.

Often this is based on personal experience – the example given was by Corrine, who’s grandmothers had both died from breast cancer so she designed educational materials to help people like them.

A very creative and educational initiative by her which is now growing as a business as well. Corrine emphasised the importance of stepping into the customers shoes to understand them better and the situation at hand. Hint hint!

View Corrine’s work on breast cancer.

So as a team we had a bit of a brainstorm to see if we could identify anyone we know, or people that we admire and thought about problems they may be facing.

We came up with Kingston University Art students! We felt we could relate to students as we are students and it would be nice helping people like ourselves (students) out, but we wanted to try a new group of students rather than the business students like us based on the same campus so we ended going for art students at a much different campus.

We where asked to perform our personas in a creative way in front of the class. My group drew the stages of how we ended up with our persona on the board which was received really well.

Here is the mock up we put together for your viewing:


Thanks for reading, more on this soon!


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