Back to the Den

Feedback1We were given the opportunity to pitch Hold-All to the dragons to get some feedback on our pitch. This was great for us!
So we met up and practiced our pitch, we made a few slides to show the product and our even our pricing schemes. We all knew our product really well and we all pitched to a good standard and well within our time frame.

The dragons understood it and saw how feasible Hold-All is, which was really reassuring. They wanted to know more about our financial statements to see if it was a money making idea. They also asked about the manufacturing which thankfully we had done our research and our response showed that.

Overall, I think this was a great opportunity to practice our pitch, get some feedback on the our pitch, product and even business plan. After receiving their feedback I definitely felt more confident about Hold-All.

Hopefully, this confidence will show even more in the real dragons den pitch.


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